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What is Art Brut or Outsider Art?
What is Folk Art?
What is Intuitive Art?
What is Memory Art?
What is Naive Art?
What is Outsider Art?
What is Non-traditional Art?
What is Primitive Art?
What is Self-taught Art?
What Is Visionary Art?

Reading & Reference

Museum of American Folk Art
Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century American Folk Art and Artists by Chuck and Jan Rosenak


Raw Vision



"I decided a long time ago that primitive art really is preferable to decadent art, so I've tried to remain as primitive as possible." - ALEXANDER CALDER

This  website is dedicated to the encouragement, promotion  and expansion of  folk artists and outsider artists.  We hope you find our site to be compatible with the concept of folk art coming from the people, for the people, and accessible to the people.  


Eddy Mumma
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